Rihand Yatra -Malviya Jayanti

We have very warm discussion with Vivek Ghosh, it was pleasing to see that my long pending wishes of developing the annexure area of Navodaya Mission Academy, so that children will do yoga and exercise there, will be taken ahead by him. Before I would have started these activities, I was transferred. Later I asked Dinesh, our past student and volunteer, on many occasions for starting such activities. One day he expressed his fear that some children might get injured and he would be unable to take care of such situation. I didn’t press because I knew that without involvement of some employees, it is not advisable. Vivek Ghosh expressed his willingness to take these activities ahead. Malviya Jayanti celebrated by Sh. S.N. Tiwari in the Navodaya Mission Academy will help in infusing national feeling and cultural values among children, so that discipline can be maintained at that place. Meeting and talking with Ujjwal, Rohit, Alok etc. gave warmth like morning warmth of full bright Bhasker. Presence of Sh. K.M. Tiwari, Sh. T.N. Singh and children made the team complete.

Mentioning the call for volunteering for an hour to teach and donating some amount for the upliftment of underprivileged children and also his active involvement in 2010 during his training days at EDC Hostel, Atul Sinha, General Secretary, Navodaya Mission Rihand felt proud to get associated with Navodaya Mission again and expressed his willingness to take the noble work ahead and bringing more of his friends, colleagues in such activities.

Sh. Hare Ram Singh sir appraising the team Navodaya Mission Rihand and gave a call that more and more children may be admitted to DAV Rihand and for that contribution may be collected by members. Earlier he got admitted about 15 children of Navodaya Mission in St. Joseph and DAV Rihand School in 2015.

The praise of Papneja Sir, GM (Maintenance) to Navodaya Mission commitment was very motivating and because of his presence the event became great. The arrangement made by Sh. S.N. Tiwari, Trustee by his own effort and contribution for the event is very motivating. Because of his suggestion, first time the children of Navodaya Mission got displayed on the Navodaya Mission Banner.

Presence of DAV School teachers and members of associated organization made the situation vibrant. The long pending plan of Navodaya Mission to give recognition to social workers in the area was realized. Sh. Rajkumar, Sh. Brijraj Sharma, Sh. Tiwari and Sh. Anant Mohan were honoured with Navodaya Mission Sewa Samman for the involvement in social activities and contribution in the area of education and Vaidik Sanskritik values.

Wish this great Noble work should continue and more and more people should come and devote some time for upliftment and betterment of underprivileged children. This will be the great contribution to Nation as well as God. It is God’s work and his blessings will pour who all will work for goodness.

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