Support to Underprivileged children

Donate for school van for underprivileged tribal children (tax benefit as per 80G):

Donate for E-Rickshaw and a full time Teacher for computer training and JNV preparation. Teacher will stay permanently (Day and Night) with children at Meera Learning Centre, Sirsoti

Raise: 1.8 Lakh for E-Rikshwa and Rs. 60,000 for trainer (Rs. 5000 monthly)

YOU MAY DONATE USING THIS UPI ID: navodayamissiontrust@sbi 

Navodaya Mission Trust

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 37 288 740 410

IFSC Code: SBIN0007937, Vindhyanagar

You May donate here also

 Pl fill the contribution form for receipt to be generated required for availing tax benefit as per 80G:

Three Fifth Class Girls selected under GEM-2022 by NTPC RIHAND for studying in DAV Rihand till class 12th Free of Cost

For commutating tribal children from Sirsoti Ashram to DAV Rihand, we require an electric vehicle. These children are living away from their family and in rainy season they are falling ill which is affecting their education. Other rural students may also avail based on availability of space.

Target : 1.8 lakh

You may donate using QR Code

Else click the below link for account detail


Sh. Rajesh Narayan Sinha, Babaji, Ganga Prasad, Sh Umesh Srivastava, Sh. Rajiv Kumar Sinha, Atul (Left to Right)

Donate to run Meera Learning Center, Sirsoti

Esteemed Rihandites, past or present are specially requested to contribute and spread the message so that activities of development of underprivileged children may continue. You are welcome to coordinate some activities by taking help from ground volunteers if you wishes for active participation.

Immediate Requirement: Rs. 2,00,000/-

We require urgently to procure ten sets of bench-desk and number of children is increasing.

FOR EASE, YOU MAY DONATE USING THIS UPI ID: navodayamissiontrust@sbi   (Mention Rihand or Sirsoti while making donation here)

You may Donate Here at account at Rihand:

Navodaya Mission Trust

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 501101010785339

IFSC Code: UBIN0550116


Pl fill the contribution form for receipt to be generated:

(It is operated by SN Tiwariji, Atulji, Maheshji, Gangaji, Kashyapji. Earlier operating power given to Yogendraji, Ajayji and Subodhji for three years which has lapsed now.)

Navodaya Mission Brochure

Immediate Requirement for Infrastructure: Rs. 2,00,000/-

As number of children is increasing, it is required to start at least four classes together for getting maximum output for the activities. For that we need following infrastructure:

RequirementRate (in Rs.)No of ItemsTotal Cost (in Rs.)
Bench/Desk (Target for 2022)25003075000
Whiteboard/Blackboard with stand5000315000
Teachers (As per donation received) (Promoting more women teachers for running special classes for girls)5000 (monthly)420,000 (monthly) 2,40,000 (yearly)
Books/Notebooks (To develop library and help bright childrenLump SumRs. 50,000 (Yearly)
Event Celebration (Prize and Gift)10,000220,000
Snacks Rs. 5000-10000 (Monthly)12Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,20, 000.00
Future PlanTo make shades for the three additional classesRs. 5,00,000/

Donate for the education of underprivileged children. You may donate here:

YOU MAY PAY USING THIS UPI ID: navodayamissiontrust@sbi

Details to be updated:

Donate Bookshelf for library.

You may donate books (old or new of all level).. contact Ganga Prasad (8005243082) or Atul (9473199309)

@Brahmnishtha Ashram, Sirsoti

Saplings of fruit plants distributed

Patron of the Meera Learning Center, Sirsoti:

Projector donated by Sh. SN Tiwariji, Trustee, Navodaya Mission Rihand
Sahaj Yog with General Secretary, Sanyukta Mahila Samiti
“किरण” कम्प्युटर प्रशिक्षण केंद्र
Rangoli.. Bal Diwas
Vertika Mahila Mandal on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti
Coordinated by Navodaya Mission
Sh Atul, General Secretary (Navodaya Mission Rihand), Sh. Hare Ram Singh, Patron (Navodaya Mission Rihand), Sh. Vijay Singh, Gram Pradhan, Sh. Anit Kumar, DGM (HR) (from Right)
Major contribution for procuring projector was given by Sh. Jitendra Kumar Paliwal, President (Navodaya Mission)
Meera Learning Center (Library-study center) being developed at Brahmnishtha Ashram, Sirsoti (These Books donated by Sh LM Pandeyji)
Bookself for Keeping Books, Thanks Tiwariji (worth Rs. 15500.00)
Navodaya Mission kept Smart TV, 10 Benches, 20 Chairs, Boards etc for running Meera Learning Center. Mahesh Singh donated computer.
Navodaya Mission provided sheets worth Rs 27000 for extended roof
Navodaya Mission offered Smart TV to Meera Learning Centre, Sirsoti for facilitating Video Lecture for poor kids. Inaugurated by Sh. Ram Chandra Thakur & Smt. Meera Devi in presence of Dr. Richa Smriti, Sh. TN Singh, Baba Shivaram, Ganga Prasad, Shanta Kumar etc. and villagers
Computer Donated by Sh. Mahesh Singh, VP Navodaya Mission (Rihand-Sirsoti)… He has been early days associate of Navodaya Mission
Beginning of Computer Center (2017)… Computered offered by NTPC Rihand CSR.. Rest of Computers kept at Navodaya Mission Academy Rihand temporarily till this center get fully operational
Beginning of Weekly Activities (2017): Educational Activities Restarted here
Mohit Gautam played great role in raising funds for this construction in 2016 (Navodaya Mission invested Rs 17000)
Mohit Gautam played great role in raising funds for this construction in 2016 (Navodaya Mission invested Rs 17000)
2010: Beginning of Navodaya Mission Rihand at Brahmnishtha Ashram Sirsoti
2010: Beginning of Navodaya Mission Rihand at Brahmnishtha Ashram Sirsoti
2010: Beginning of Navodaya Mission Rihand at Brahmnishtha Ashram Sirsoti
in 2010


  1. […] Baba at Ashram is fearful that if this computer will get out of order, someone will take it to Rihand and will never bring back here. He was ensured that such things will not happen any more. There is no issue if this will get out of order while being utilized by children. If these children will use these computers for three-four months, they would find it is easy to use. Later they themselves will guide other children when Meera Learning Center will start functioning again. ( […]


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