Help Desk

Contact Number for Material Handling

  • Sahuji : 9926782738
  • Guptaji: 9406712244
  • Sharmaji: 9406711068
  • Paliwalji: 9910163632
  • Rakeshji: 9425178177
  • Nareshji: 9406711067
  • Driver: 7773808246

CSR – Junaid (8006003937)


Residents of Vindhyachal, Telgawan and Surrounding areas

Greetings Everyone,

Vindhya Club will be resuming Canteen Services via Home Delivery/Take Away only, starting 10-June.

Food delivery orders can be placed starting 07:00 PM @3016(Intercom)/ 9294835696.

It as also assured that we will be following all necessary SOPs/Protocol including daily thermal screening of concerned involved in preparing/delivery of food.

For Vindhyachal (Rihandites pl scroll below):

Pratik Fruits (NH3): 9424612019

Family Mart: 8989799824 (Grocery Delivery)

(By Nefi V)

Covid Centre intercom: 1863, 2063, 1666

For Rihandites

Medical Shops:

Singh Medical – 9415264454, 9044144555

Gupta Medical Store Dorahar: 6388925366

Paras Medical Manasarovar: 9039629588

Shiv Medical Bijpur: 9956753762


JeevanRekha system extended to Ex-Employees

Dear Sir/Madam,

With the recent COVID19 outbreak, Corporate Medical Cell and HR-Tech has implemented Self generation of OPD no.  facility in the JeevanRekha system and the system is made available thru internet also. Initially the system was made available to the employees and dependent, but now it has been decided to extend the JeevanRekha system to the Ex-Employees of the NTPC also.

Now ex-employees of NTPC can do following thru the JeevanRekha system :-

1.       Generate OPD slip from the JeevanRekha system by themselves

2.       Do telephonic consultation with NTPC doctors (list of doctors and telephone no. provided below) and get their old prescription repeated in their self-generated OPD slips

3.       View/Print their final prescription thru JeevanRekha system

The Process of using this system for ex-employees will be as follows:-

1.           Ex-Employee will log on to JeevanRekha system thru with their 6 digit employee number and default password as their date of birth in YYYYMMDD format.

E.g. for employee no. 009999 and date of birth 01.02.1953

UserID: 009999

Password: 19530201

2.            They will self-generate OPD Slip for themselves or spouse

3.            Inform NTPC doctor and take consultation with them

4.            The doctor will write a prescription in their self-generated OPD slips

5.            They can view/print their prescription thru JeevanRekha system

A help document explaining the process step-by-step for using this feature can be accessed from:-


You can access list of NTPC doctors and their contact details from following link:-



HR-Tech Group

अपना PPO नंबर जानें – Know Your PPO Number

अपना PPO नंबर जानने के लिए निचे दिए गए साईट लिंक को खोले एवं अपना बैंक अकाउंट नंबर जिसमे पेंशन ले रहे है डाले. आपको PPO नंबर मिल जायेगा (Use your bank account number to know your PPO number here) :

PPO नंबर देखें

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