NAVODAYA MISSION TRUST is a registered NGO with vision to bring youth of India together for becoming part of Nation Building by devoting themselves for social service. Education is the way to change the mindset of people for making them cooperative, accommodative and progressive.


Navodaya Mission is a concept developed after getting experiences of social work at various positions for ten years. Being instrumental in providing quality education for slum dwellers in Mumbai, children of labourers, tribal and poor section of society at Singrauli/Sonebhadra have enriched our thought processes. We have started our journey as a small group of young IITians at IIT Bombay. Later we get associated with Group for Rural Activity, a social cell at IIT Bombay and enriched our experiences by being part of teams executing social projects, meeting with famous social workers and visiting place of excellence in social work in remote part of the country.

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Broad View of place where young engineers started working together for Navodaya Mission:


Micro View:

 Sirsoti MAp