Navodaya Fellowship, 2023

Assignment 2023: To develop yearly report of Navodaya Mission Activities and come up with a small booklet with future plans.

All Time Assignments:

Just find out social activities small or big scale in your locality/surrounding and develop a report.. include in detail about intervention of CSR, private agencies or Government machineries.. propose for betterment or what new things can be done.. just submit a report.


NAVODAYA FELLOWSHIP” is a One/Two/Three months’ voluntary programs for social research at grass root level while undergoing voluntary work for getting apprised of ground reality.

1. College going students
2. Empathetic Attitude
3. Desire to know and understand our society
4. Willing to volunteer for societal cause

Activities may be under-taken:
-Develop e-resources at computer centers of Navodaya Mission, Sewa Kunj, and other associates. Give basic training to children to utilize those facilities                                    -Teach children to boost their morale                                                                                       –Develop video stories, write ups, content development for websites etc                           – Computer education of villagers
– Organize summer camp for children for their personality development
– Survey to find the status of education in the village
– Survey to develop resource profile of the village
– Observe, understand and make a comprehensive report by visiting Vanavasi Sewa Ashram, Myurepur
– Submit a detail report of your activities (may be published in some journal)

Facility: Accommodation and fooding may be facilitated by Navodaya Mission.

Reward: A citation of “Navodaya Fellowship” with a token gift of worth Rs. 500 (per month)

Send request letter with your credentials through mail at: and leave a message at 8005442097


  1. Sewakunj Ashram, Chapki, Bhabhni (250 Tribal Children) (40 Km from Renukut)
  2. Vanwasi Sewa Ashram, Myorepure (model of rural development) (15 Km from Renukut)
  3. Sanjeevani Society, Suarsoat, Khaliyari, Nagwa (40 Km from Robertsganj)