Idea for CSR: Opportunity for Development

Idea Coordinator- Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Ex NTPCian and Social Worker

NTPC Rihand has built state-of-the-art school and hostel with solar lighting at Sewa Kunj Ashram which is attached to Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram and run by Sewa Samarpan Sansthan, UP.

CSR may benefit by utilizing these state-of-the-art infrastructure for the benefit of the children of its near by villages like Dorahar, Sirsoti, Nemana, Khairi, Bijpur, Shanti Nagar etc. around Rihand Nagar. They may facilitate to keep some selected students from each village and sponsor them for staying at Ashram and take quality education there. (It might be branded as Rihand Super Tribal 50 or with brand name of respective industries.). For fifty students, tentative expenditure will occur twenty five lakh rupees (Rs. 250000=50*50000) yearly. At first go, it might commit to sponsor for ten-fifteen years. As children should belong to tribal community, this activity may boost the CSR record of SC/ST Development key point.

NTPC, NCL, ADANI Foundation, Reliance, Hindalco etc may consider this project for benefit of people in their neighbourhood. These children may get chance in Archery also there and may represent respective companies if selected to play in national and international forums. Besides, they may benefit from various vocational training programs, agricultural activities for future livelihood and entrepreneurship.

YearNo of StudentCost Per StudentTotal (rs.)
1st50 (Class 6-20, Class 7-10, Class 8-10, Class 9-10)Rs. 50,000/-25,00,000.00
2ndClass 6-10 (Total -60)Rs. 50,000/-30,00,000.00
3rdClass 6-10 (Total -70)Rs. 50,000/-35,00,000.00
4thClass 6-10 (Total-80)Rs. 50,000/-40,00,000.00
5thClass 6-10 (Total-80)Rs. 50,000/-40,00,000.00
Class 6-10 (Total-80)Rs. 50,000/-40,00,000.00
7thClass 6-10 (Total-80)Rs. 50,000/-40,00,000.00
8thClass 6-10 (Total-70)Rs. 60,000/-42,00,000.00
9thClass 6-10 (Total-70)Rs. 60,000/42,00,000.00
10thClass 6-10 (Total-70)Rs. 70,000/-49,00,000.00
11thClass 6-10 (Total-70)Rs. 70,000/-49,00,000.00
12thClass 6-10 (Total-70)Rs. 70,000/-49,00,000.00
13thClass 6-10 (Total-70)Rs. 70,000/-49,00,000.00
14thClass 6-10 (Total-70)Rs. 70,000/-49,00,000.00
15thClass 6-10 (Total-70)Rs. 70,000/-49,00,000.00
Total190 Students6.28 Crore

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