Navodaya Mission Sirsoti Struggle

Earlier we experienced how Navodaya Mission Sirsoti team came forward to save Navodaya Mission Pustakalay. Giving ownership to villagers is a way to keep the miscreants on the bay. Now rural team are knowing that Navodaya Mission is their and it is their duty to protect it and continue its activities.

Yesterday, I received call from rural team about imbroglio going on between villagers and Baba on the issue of relocating the position of Projector for celebrating Durga Pooja. Meanwhile some villagers also questioned the classes going in the Ashram to pressurize Baba, devotee of Bhagwan Awadhut Ram. Baba outrightly told that children coming here to take education. He is not going to call children. Some Villagers blamed and took name of Navodaya Misson volunteers approaching villagers for sending children.

I suggested our team to give clear message that Educational activities are not run by Ashram and they have provided space just for benefit of villagers. It is run by Navodaya Mission Sirsoti team and hence villagers themselves.

Further, I told them that it is their duty to run the centre. Senior members of Sirsoti also told such things keep going on, but they would not allow anyone to disturb Navodaya Mission.

I told them that I will not come to talk to all and it is rural team responsibility to run Centre without going in any imbroglio, but I assured them not to fear for good activities as Navodaya Mission’ Patron is senior IPS of UP, Babloo Bhaiya.

I just suggested to close the centre a few days. But they took their own decision that they continue the class, else children would have got demoralised. It is the strength when you are giving decisive power in rural team itself.


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