Visit of Smt. Krishna Chattopadhyay, President, Vartika Mahila Mandal Rihand

I received a call from TN Singh about Smt. Krishna Chattopadhyay Maam, President, Vartika Mahila Mandal Rihand visiting Meera Learning Center, Sirsoti. I asked him to manage things. Then, he compelled me that it was first time when she would visit the center and it was required for having proper communication.

Now I wish to keep myself away from Rihand activities.

I just talked to Tiwariji and he also told that he has evening duty and it was necessary to come for me. Then I just put information to Atul, Subodh, Mahesh Singh etc . and talked to Krishna Murari. Krishna Murari was also in Waidhan but he called rural volunteers to come on time. Then I received a call from Singha Roy maam, general secretary, Vartika Mahila Mandal and she seemed careful for having some arrangement there. Seeing the exigencies, I felt social compulsion to reach to the center. I thought to give application at this very moment so that I will have to meet her separately and immediate modified our earlier letter and made some immediate and long plans on separate page and reached the venue fifteen minutes before the scheduled time. Only a few students were there. Anyway I asked them to arrange things. Soon some volunteer-cum-teachers reached and they started arranging things. Then, TN Singh also came with bouquets. Mahesh Singh reached and then students and volunteers also reached in good number. Then Maams reached the venue without informing us. Finally we shared everything. Maam was also very positive. They also took our applications and plan of actions and promised to do as much as possible. They also asked volunteers to help them whenever needed and identified one computer teacher for Bal Bhawan and two girls having beautician course to run parlour at Rihand backed by Vartika Mahila Mandal.

Avinash from JNV Darbhanga who has recently joined NTPC Rihand came to meet me and I just asked him it is my home and so it is yours also and just take care of things. He told that he was planning to visit the center with his batchmates.

Mahesh Singh reached the center even though he had fevers.

Wish this activity of service to the poors should continue. Rural volunteers promised that they are learning to organize things so that they may manage such events in our absence.

Nice to Meet Avinash Kumar from JNVD who had joined Rihand

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