Thanks to Sh. Umesh Srivastava Sir, GM (FQA), NTPC Rihand for sponsoring construction of a room

Total contribution made by Umesh Sir (till date): Rs 6,25,000.00 (Six Lakh Twenty Five Thousand Only) & Rs. 50,000 by her daughter Anshika Srivastava for Bench/Desk etc.
Visited to review construction of Room

Roofing on the first class-room of Meera Learning Center,Sirsoti sponsored by Sh. Umesh Srivastava Sir, GM (FQA) accomplished today. (05.11.2011) Thanks to Srivastava Sir, S. N. Tiwariji, Krishna, Baba, TN Singh and whole Navodaya Mission Rihand and Sirsoti team.

Details of Construction of a Room by Umesh Sir till date:

Meera Learning Center, Brahmnishtha Ashram, Sirsoti which is being developed as educational and skill development center. A new chapter has started with construction of a room by Sh. Umesh Kumar Srivastava Sir. Great contribution for Great Initiative.

Expenditure Details


Initial Contribution: Rs. 2,50,000.00

Expenditure: Payment for Saria, Cement etc: Rs. 100,000.00 Advance to Garg

Payment for Gitti/Baloo: Rs. 60,000.00 Advance to Mosai Singh

Immediate Future Plan

Two rooms will be a big start. For building one additional room we need to raise fund of Rs. 6,00,000.00.

You may donate using UPI ID: navodayamissiontrust@sbi (You may get tax benefit as per 80G)

You may use the account as follows if you wish:

Navodaya Mission Trust

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 37 288 740 410

IFSC Code: SBIN0007937

Pl fill the below form for getting receipt for 80G benefits


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