International Yoga Day 2022

On the eve of International Yoga Day, I received a call from Sandip Sir (President, Navodaya Mission Shakti Nagar) for organizing a small activity of children. It was already 5 O’Clock in the evening. Anyway, I asked him to visit Shivaji Nagar near Petrol Pump by 6.30PM. Though I was assured that children would come seeing us, I just gave a call to our old children and he assured for the program. At 6.30 PM there was no children visible. Ritwik asked us to wait as he was returning from Ambedkar Stadium. Today I again missed taking Yashika to Painting classes. It was already 7 PM children were not visible. Sandip Sir suggested to leave for organizing the event next time. I requested him to wait for five minutes more, else we would start the activity with at least one children. I just saw a girl there and asked her to collect children meanwhile. Probably she joined later and so she was not knowing my name, but she connected with us as she was remembering activities at training center there. Meanwhile I shared sir that we used to organize rally with one or two members at Sirsoti on many occasions. Number doesn’t matter for me. Activity must go on. Till then children were already returned and they collected children. When activity started, many more children joined. After Pranayam, he made all to recite Ram Dhun in beautiful way. All children and gaurdians requested for such program on regular basis.

Sandip sir, President (Navodaya Mission Shaktinagar) conducting Pranayam @Prayas, Shivaji Nagar

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