Silent Contributor

When Yogendra shared the participation of Alok Singh sir in our Navodaya Guru program, I thought we would soon get some due computers soon and hence I wished to meet him. But I didn’t get time to visit Rihand.

Later, he sponsored a student for paying his fee for DAV Rihand. Last year, when I was discussing with Sh. Anantji, senior teacher DAV Rihand with respect to selection for a girl student to be sponsored by a friend from Singapore, he shared about his (Alok Sir) innovative way of helping a child. Instead of paying full fee, he just contributed for 50 percent fees, so that guardians and students should focus on his study as they also had to spend their own money.

When he transferred to Vindhyachal, I met him at IT department, as wished earlier. While talking with him, I shared my anxiousness that Navodaya Mission was moving towards wrong direction like earlier NGOs working there. He gave nice suggestions.

It is very difficult and in fact it is not in our philosophy to remove any one from Navodaya Mission. Most of them were good and assisted me in many ways and even stood with me in difficult times. We had good memories.

We took alternate path and with my old teams, who became inactive and also some of our past students, we energised some centers, which I have been developing so that local youth might earn by teaching. I had never highlighted these centre in public earlier. These centres were renamed as Meera Learning Centre (just for branding) which played critical role as community classroom for continuing education of children during Corona lockdown. When a team is working at ground, other team in its vicinity either will leave or have to work to keep themselves relevant. We wished they should work so that children might get benefit (win win situation). In this way Navodaya Mission came on right track. We got many leaders who were handling things at grassroot level.

Alok sir witnessed all these development and after seeing such changes, he shared a lot with me and also his struggle for good. He is a real fighter.

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