Dayanand Mishraji

His name is being taken with respect and he is remembered for taking care of poor people. He was the founder of Malviya Mission at Rihand which is still continuing. Moreover, he also helped Navodaya Mission to start its journey of social work at Rihand by providing space as well as other means. We also volunteered for Malviya Mission due to his embracing nature. He used to take help and guidance from Sh. M.K. Singh, AGM (OPN) who was also associated with Malviya Mission since its inception. Even I also got opportunity to work with him in plant as well as at Malviya Mission platform as Education Secretary. In fact, at one point I helped in building its complete team, ofcourse under the leadership of his great companion Sh. O.S. Pandeyji in his journey of social activities.

Recently, Sh. Milan Kumar, GM (HR), NRHQ narrated his noble initiative of providing snacks and foods to patients at Dhanvantari hospital, Rihand. Early in the morning, he used to go hospital with tea and biscuits and used to distribute among poor and needy patients. Then, he used to enlist needy patients for lunch. During lunch break, he used to take homely made foods in tiffin and offered that to patients. To avoid extra burden on his family, his team took responsibility of offering lunch for a patient. In the morning, he used to distribute tiffins to his team mates and during lunch break he used to collect tiffins and offered patients in hospital.

Later, one room was arranged near hospital, where patients were allowed to stay in the room as required and allowed their relatives to prepare food there. He used to provide all kind of assistance.

Such kind of service has become part of his routine life. During summer, he used to arrange cold waters for workers near main gate of plant.

He undertook many social initiative and because of his selfless service, people of 30 villages in the vicinity of Rihand still remember him and take his name with due respect.

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