New Beginning for JNV

After many years have passed.. once again students started giving a new try…

These are class 5 boys and girls of sirsoti going to appear in JNV test for admission in class 6 at Anpara and Pipri

Village team of Navodaya Mission Sirsoti requested for arranging vehicle for this purpose.

Many years back I used to send children from this village to Robertsganj for polytechnic entrance examination hiring vehicle and taking full responsibility. This was always challenging as I had to keep tracking everything with anxious till they returned and reached home safely. After a few years when some students cleared examination, guardian started arranging things on their own.

This time I asked to raise fifty percent of expenditure on their own and suggested to involve guardians without taking any responsibility on behalf of Navodaya Mission. They hired vehicle in Rs. 2800 for a day and raised Rs. 1400 from village only.

Though these children got lesser time to prepare, I found some students have developed good learning capability and they be able to much better. You may donate for raising Rs. 1400.00 for this noble initiative:

Students learnt to write application for assistance earlier 2017

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