Meera Learning Center at Sirsoti

After lots of deliberation with village team, we pinpointed Brahmnistha Ashram as nodal centre Meera Learning Center at Sirsoti controlled by rural team with parents of children directly amid lots of apprehension.

We seldom find any difficulty at Ashram, it is safe and even daughter of Panchayat Samiti Sadasya is coming to teach here with confidence.

Parents of almost all children are drunkard there. Here they are getting safe, calm and disciplined environment. Earlier they used to bow to lord Shiva to start his class and now they also added five minute meditation with Ganesh Atharvshirsh which are helping strong moral power.

Some persons at Rihand led by a person who happens General Secretary of executive association are creating problem at Navodaya Mission Academy and our team is unable to take things ahead smoothly causing harm to poor children. We have planned to develop this centre embedded with Sahaj Yog Kendra.

At Nemna, we lack fund to hire teacher and volunteers are yet to be streamlined. So amid all these situations, only Meera Learning Centre Sirsoti at Bramnistha Ashram is running well helping children. By local community we may sort out any issues if come, rather fleeing the place. As such there is no problem and Baba is just following divine chore of his tradition in the evening, but he is also full of conscious for building good culture among children and take care of that thing. After all it is his large heartedness that they are allowing Navodaya Mission Sirsoti team to run Meera Learning Center along with Kiran Computer Center.

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