Career Guidance Program at SSM Vindhyanagar

On the recommendation of Anjana Bhardwaj maam, I discussed and planned a possible activity with Kalpana, new ET at RLI. Initially, she became ready to go alone as none of her friends were ready to accompany her. Though I was not so enthusiast due to my busy schedule at office and home and kept postponing till it was Saturday, but inner call for necessity of giving some exposure to a willing person thinking who knows she may go on the path of Varun and Udit benefitting hundreds of children. I planned to visit school by 1 PM. As I became late due to official work, I directly moved to RLI without taking my lunch. At that time, three more new ETs joined the team and so children benefited a lot from them on 23.10.2021. They were happy to spend time with children meaningfully. It was already 3 PM, so I went back to office directly.

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