Sh. T. N. Singh

Sh. T N Singh is dedicated for NTPC Ltd. as well as service to community. After taking social activities with Vertika Mahila Mandal at Bal Bhavan and continuing activities at Hospital/Shiv Mandir Prangan with the help of Sh. Dayanand Mishraji (founder of Malaviya Mission, Rihand), I just wanted to start social activities outside township. At that time he influenced me to select Sirsoti as center of social activities and took me to Sirsoti to visit when I was looking for place for starting Social Work there. He also facilitated in providing space at Brahmnishtha Ashram.


Visit of Rajyapal at Sewa Kunj Ashram

By chance, I was available at Ashram when Honorable Governor visited Sewa Kunj Ashram in 2018. During this program it was also planned that NTPC Rihand will be recognized for offering Sewing Machine and arranging training program for ladies of surrounding villages.

On the very day, Sh. Pathakji requested me to arrange things. Now I was in dilemma as I was supposed to stay with Anandji and accompany the Governor for various activities. Anyway I decided to pay back to our own organization. Anandji was too busy for his own arrangements and he himself was not in a mood to give any special treatment to NTPC management. I myself took the command and asked some students to bring chairs, sewing machine etc and make proper arrangement. In this work Sh. T.N. Singhji accompanied me.

The main and typical task was to get seats for our GMs and dignitaries. Local leaders never listen to anyone and they are always in fighting mode. So I just asked T.N. Singh to sit on chair and do not allow anyone to come in that zone. He did this very meticulously. When HOP sh. Mukherjee Sir and other dignitaries came, Sh. T.N. Singh facilitated that they should get the seats in respected way.

As per my earlier plan, HOP of Rihand and Vindhyachal will take seats in both sides of the Governor. But HOP of Vindhyachal didn’t came at Ashram due to some engagements. Now we planned HR Head Sh. Murthy sir should take the seat and for the same we took permission from DM sir and in this way a nice and honorable picture was clicked.

I felt proud that our long association with the Ashram, finally helped us to facilitate something for our own organization.

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