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30-07-2022 Srivastava Maam and his daughter came to see the work of room construction by them and distributed gifts among children

Congrates to Center Head – Ganga Prasad (Gram Pramukh, Navodaya Mission, Sirsoti) and whole Navodaya Mission Sirsoti-Rihand family for getting this success. All the three girls of class fifth who attended Meera Learning Center, Adhaura, Sirsoti got selected under GEM program, a flagship program of NTPC Ltd. to study in DAV Rihand. A few months I guessed two of them them capable of cracking of JNV exam. but we lacked time to complete the syllabus. Thanks to Janardan, Krishna Murari, Rahul and all the volunteers for their dedication. Janardan our first student from Sirsoti who did Polytechnic from Kanpur did the wonder undeer continuous teaching, monitoring and motivation of Gangaji. Meera Learning Center, an initiative to continue education covid lockdown finally have something to motivate.

Three Girls Selected in GEM-2022 by NTPC Rihand for studying in DAV Rihand. One girl already adopted by a friend from Singapore and studying in class in DAV Rihand already
Janardan our past student and and first student who did polytechnic from Gov. College, Kanpur teaching children during lockdown and later on


Meera Learning Centre at Brahmnishtha Ashram Sirsoti
02.03.2022 @Meera Learning Center Sirsoti


Sh. TN Singh gave me a call that President of Vertika Mahila Mandal wants to meet us and understand our requirement. I told him that I may prepare a brief of our requirement for running Sirsoti centers. Then he insisted that I should come as it is first meeting and only I will be able to explain him about activities of Navodaya Mission. It is true as only I can narrate the beginning of Navodaya Mission.

In the evening I reached Rihand. I was expecting just ten minutes meeting. Bal Bhawan have been my place and I used to be part of Mahila Mandal in their all social initiatives. After a gap of four years I was meeting them. We explained our goals. Then she enquired about activities of Navodaya Mission going inside the Rihand township. Then I narrated the story how I with my team started teaching kids at Bal Bhawan only. For want of giving service to more children we moved to the Campus of Shiv Mandir near Dorahar and simultaneous we have already started activities at Sirsoti. Later we our activities flourished at training days. That was golden period of Prayas Team. Finally we renamed our organisation as Navodaya Mission. We got a place and started Navodaya Mission Academy. During Corona Lockdown we invented Meera Learning Center as community educational center and this gave new boost to Navodaya Mission.


Villagers of Sirsoti, the last village of Uttar Pradesh bordering Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are continuing their spiritual journey by celebrating Durga Pooja and broadcasting Ramayan for last ten years. As an initiative of our rural volunteer Sh Abhimanyu, this projector was procured with the help of major contribution offered by Jitendra  Paliwal, President, Navodaya Mission who used to go this village to teach children. It was delightful to see that our students and volunteers Krishna Murari, Janardan Singh, Rahul Pal etc. are coordinating these activities in cultured way. Though I have initiated activities here and keep coming for last ten years, only this time I felt motivated to attend these programs and so I took a 45 Km car ride with my rural team members at 8.20 PM. On the way, amid darkness of Jungles we saw people enjoying worship of Ma Durga under small Mandaps, a new development in this belt.  At Brahmnishtha Ashram, prasad was offered to children and villagers. Big size poori, which are more popular in Baliya and nearby areas are offered first time here with tomato sauce and Aloo-Matar vegetable. First time, I attended this program probably on the inner call of Lord Shiva. 

Simple man like TN Singh has been observing navratra even at the age of 58. He just takes a little prasad in the night as offered by Ashram. His wife is worshipping even more rigorously and takes no food during these period. Though he is unable to gather children and teach them, he is committed for running educational activities here and that is really praiseworthy.  

I took this as an opportunity to share our roadmap for developing this Ashram as educational Centre for poor children to its supporters (and described about Running Meera Learning Centre here). Amid apprehensions, the number of children are growing continuously. As per Ashram rule children have to maintains discipline for staying inside the Ashram. This place may be developed as a good place for self-study by children of workers or other needy ones if they wish so.

You all keep faith and continue contributing for this big cause. Things will be taken ahead by our children only. But they need support and guidance. You should keep contributing books for developing a big library here also.


Rahul Pal gave me a call. He expressed that how he will handle the huge influx of children. It was good to hear as when I stressed to start this centre, some of my good colleagues opposed that children might not come at this place as eminent families of this village do not consider this place as good. I told this is the only place available in the village where these activities would run with freedom. Children are facing other issues at their home also, here at least they will good environment.

Secondly, Rahul Pal told me that Baba of Ashram asks children to worship God then start study. This is not a big issue. They have got place to study in the courtyard of Shiva and worshipping Shiva in India is common. For getting good education, one should obey the rules and regulation of the place. Moreover, Aghor concept do not discriminate children based on their background including religious background.

Finally he also expressed the desire of teachers to get some remuneration. I suggested that chalk out how to get some fees from children with Tiwariji, the head of Navodaya Mission there.

Then he started mentioning the intent and actions of our old rural members. I told we are aware of everything and all have some utility for running Navodaya Mission. If you will face any issue in doing service to society, then please talk and otherwise leave that topic. This is the way to stop politics.

International Yoga Day 2021

योग करें, सिरसोती को निरोग रखें

Use of Computer:

Though Meera Learning Centers at Sirsoti remained closed due to lock down, yet volunteers keep helping children through online. As children of Brahmnishtha Ashram is also part of Meera Learning Center, Brahmnishtha Ashram, Sirsoti, it was decided that these children should use the computer, donated by Mahesh Singhji.

Baba at Ashram is fearful that if this computer will get out of order, someone will take it to Rihand and will never bring back here. He was ensured that such things will not happen any more. There is no issue if this will get out of order while being utilized by children. If these children will use these computers for three-four months, they would find it is easy to use. Later they themselves will guide other children when Meera Learning Center will start functioning again. (


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