Sirsoti Bytes

International Yoga Day 2021

योग करें, सिरसोती को निरोग रखें

Use of Computer:

Though Meera Learning Centers at Sirsoti remained closed due to lock down, yet volunteers keep helping children through online. As children of Brahmnishtha Ashram is also part of Meera Learning Center, Brahmnishtha Ashram, Sirsoti, it was decided that these children should use the computer, donated by Mahesh Singhji.

Baba at Ashram is fearful that if this computer will get out of order, someone will take it to Rihand and will never bring back here. He was ensured that such things will not happen any more. There is no issue if this will get out of order while being utilized by children. If these children will use these computers for three-four months, they would find it is easy to use. Later they themselves will guide other children when Meera Learning Center will start functioning again. (

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