Holistic Industrial Ecology

Rihand Township Plan mirrors and reflects the colours of patriotism. The colour of patriotism can easily be visible on its gates, roads, places etc. The names of buildings, rooms etc. are kept on the names of freedom fighters which silently strengthened the value among the visitors with the remembrance of sacrifices associated with those immortal remarkable personalilities. The names of hostels, guesthouses and other buildings on the name of mountain ranges of India give a picture of India and whoever walking in the township, they just imagine they are on sight seeing of his mother land Bharat. It was the year 2010, when I was invited by Sh. Dayanand Mishra on behalf of Malaviya Mision, an NGO working in and around Rihand for education of underprivileged children and helping poor patients, as guest speaker in their program. Dr. Dinesh Dinkar, a Hindi teacher of DAV Rihand and active member of Malviya Mission was anchoring in the program. As Rihand was representing India, he was also given honour by Rihandites with title, Rashtrakavi.

Metaphorically, he described Rihand Township as if it was a prototype of Bharat with prosperity and luxury. In my speech, I radically attacked on his idea and suggested to include people living outside the Rihand Township Boundary to complete the picture of India with inclusion of grim poverty. At that time, I suggested, there was a need of a holistic industrial ecology, where labourers and people living just out side the boundary should have opportunity to come along with managerial class of the Industry. In stead of maintaining a gradient by raising boundary (whose height depends upon on the level of economic inequality existing between outside and inside the boundary), there should be a well-carved out CSR plan for developing a continuous slope of this inequality. Children of Managers and Majdoor should be given equal opportunity as well as equal platform for moving ahead in their life.

After many years of long effort of Navodaya Mission and continuous advocacy for this cause, finally the time had come when children of managers and majdoors shared the same dias, performed programs together and have a photo clicked together. Some bright children of labourers were also given chance to study in campous school free of cost and admission of a few more students were under consideration. That was a moment of rejoice for acceptance of this idea of holistic development.  

Sh. K. Sreedhar Sir, HOP (Rihand) was a very dynamic and kind personality, who supported such activities by the core of his heart. He was present in that event and gave a big cherish to the rural children.

Later, he also sanctioned some computers to Navodaya Mission, with that a computer centre is being run by us.

Once, he motivated us to guide children preparing for IIT examination. Because of that motivation and our timely guidance, one rural student cleared IIT examination and got a seat at IIT Patna.

Cultural Activities 2016 Rihand, Suhail acted as Bal Krishna

Without mentioning the name of Kamalkantji, this article would remain unfinished. He was instrumental for participation of rural children in this program. He was a great support to Navodaya Mission and because of his willingness for doing something good for society, Kalyan Kendra later named as Sangam was always open for Navodaya Mission.

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