Sponsor for Honorarium

Can you sponsor one month honorarium of a teacher of Meera Learning centre that is about  Rs. 1000 starting with March 2021 (we require to arrange honorarium so that we may be able to deploy two-three teachers) If yes, pl give the name of month and message me at 8005442097.

You May Donate here:

Navodaya Mission TrustYOU MAY PAY to UPI ID: navodayamissiontrust@sbi
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 37 288 740 410IFSC Code: SBIN0007937


Status of Sponsorship

MonthTeacher 1Teacher 2Teacher 3
March, 21Tiwariji RihandShanta Kumar
April, 21Anand GauravAlok Singh
May, 21Alok Singh
June, 21Alok Singh
July, 21Dr. Tanmay Mishra
August, 21
September, 21Sunit Mishra
October, 21
November, 21
December, 21
January, 21
February, 21


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