This word has great meaning for Indians. This word kept us giving mental strength. Whenever there is some perversion in mind, reiteration of this word brings mind on track, giving a sense of absolute purity. Chanting the word Ram can convert even a robber into a saint, and that is the story which clings the mind of millions of Indian children for ages.

The erection of Ram temple might give a sense of rebuilding of broken pride by millions of Indians who came to know about this story. This really hurt the sentiment of a person who is in absolute love with a deity and suddenly come to know anything wrong about it.

We used to love Gandhi and Bose together, but as a young students we loved Bose more. But the moment when we heard about the rude behavior of Gandhi towards Subhash, we stopped loving Gandhi and it took a long time to understand things in context.

Anyway, going beyond the temple, every Hindu must realise that unless caste discrimination is abolished lock, stock and barrel, a common consciousness and Hindu unity will remain a chimera.

Muslims must realise that it is wrong to see the temple movement as anti-mosque or anti-Muslims.

The Indian ethos, with spiritual democracy at its core, can never accept rulers imposing their way of worship by destroying other places of worship. The destruction of Ram temple by Babur was a historic wrong, which is being corrected today.

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