Malaviya Mission, Diamond Club and Chetna

Diamond Club, Chetna and Malviya Mission have done wonderful work in and around Rihand. When I went Rihand, though I continued Prayas, my initiative at Shakti Nagar, I got also associated with Malaviya Mission as Education Secretary. It was really a nice combination and they also supported me in developing in my own platform. They were the people who showed me Gandhi Dham, Dorahar where there activities were running. Further, they also gave us space at Hospital room for running evening class for my own initiative. Later after getting influence, a building of Malaviya Mission came up at Gandhi Dham. Dayanand Mishraji was a great social worker who established this organization with the support of Sh. M. K. Singh and even its two office holder became CMD also. They kept getting support from higher authorities since beginning. But when I started coming up with radical ideas for bringing change like preparation of JNV entrance examination, polytechnic examination, at that time Dayanand Mishraji also got transferred and later things didn’t remain the same. I slowly distanced myself and kept giving right suggestions whenever they called me in meetings.

Your vision can turn a torn wooden shade (a place for teaching by Sh. Nanda) into a small building

Meanwhile, Srivastavji, founder of Diamond club came in my touch. At one hand he shared his dedication and effort for upliftment of children of Dharkar community, on the other hand he also filled me with apprehension, what legal difficulties he had to face. Anyway he offered his all documents to me and also handed over his nice building where he was running school at Dorahar. Meanwhile Malaviya Mission committee was looking for a place and I suggested them to take over the building for running school in proper way and they requested to HR and got.

Later Chetna personnel started requested me to its revival in proper way. I was apprehensive as my own organization Prayas which renamed as Navodaya Mission has made its own place at Rihand. Anyway Chetna people trusted me and offered it to me. Even money was released with my signature. But meanwhile equations changed and government policy further boosted that and its main fund was discontinued. Later things went in limbo and they also taken away my power when I suggested them to spend all saved money for continuing the activity in this time of recess. Later villagers also played mischievous and things stopped. I separated myself also from its affair as team structure was not clear. Anyway first time I mailed all its founder, they were happy that things will get revived again. Revival required huge cost and main person seemed not interested. I gave suggestion to re-register the body, but they didn’t understand.

Pragati at Vindhyachal understood my suggestion and re-register its body and continued with the same name Pragati.

Shanta Kumar

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