Bera or Shiva

When I was looking HR department in VSR group, I rejuvenated myself with my old habits and started worshipping Shiva and memorized Rudrashtakam which I left in between earlier. I used to put Shiva-ash on my forehead as tika. Subsequently, I was transferred to Ash department where I got chance to work with Sh. Somnath Bera, AGM (NTPC Vindhyachal). As Shiva is symbolized with ashes, we found very generous person in Sh. Somnath Bera, who keeps visiting ash dykes and worked with a universal will of saving environment by managing ash properly. Because of various reasons I was filled with some negativities, but his outlook towards life transformed my view of life also and I started feeling positives towards everything. There are many things to be shared which I will do whenever I will get time.

Meanwhile he shared with that he had taken classes in SSM for giving training to children. Seeing this I planned to make this more organized and visible.

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