Admission of Poor Children

We have great experience of struggle for the welfare of children when we took up the issue of admission of underprivileged children in private schools like St. Joseph School. We have never took up anything which seemed unnecessary and not much of use. When our HOP offered us opportunity of admission for the poor children in public schools, I was under suspicion that these children would success there or not or probably develop a sense of inferiority. So I didn’t pursue that at that moment.

After two-three years passed, when we desired some children should get chance to study in these schools. But now the opportunity seemed gone. Meanwhile one AGM from OnM department got associated with us and wanted to raise funds for admission of children in public schools. At that moment I suggested him to talk to HOP citing his earlier offer to us. Our HOP had already taken VRS and he was about to leave the company within three days. Still we took a chance and made a list of ten children and approached him. Seeing this proposal he welcomed us and told that you had spoken my heart. After seeing the list, he suggested to add more children. We added some more children and put the application to him.

He called emergency meeting of concerned head of department and got the application processed immediately and within two days, we got approval copy for admission.

He was Sh. Puppula Ramesh, ED (Rihand) who supported Navodaya Mission and made it to grow. His wife and President of Vertika Mahila Mandal, Mrs Usha Ramesh was too kind and sober and geared up activities of Navodaya Mission, Sewa Kunj Ashram and other NGOs in the surrounding areas. That was the days when Mahila Mandal was devoid of kitty party and known for social and constructive activities.

The story of implementation of the order has different story and that will be told after some time.

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