Admission of Poor Children

AGM (Operation) Sh. Hare Ram Singh, President (Navodaya Mission, Rihand)

Nothing came at ease for Navodaya Mission. But each and every struggle for the welfare of children gives a new set of experience like management of sentiment of officials and negotiation skills at the cost of personal interest and development. The project of admission of underprivileged children in private schools like St. Joseph School etc. seemed very easy at first hand, but it took lots of pain while negotiating for its implementation.

Sh. Puppula Ramesh was the only HOP who personally contacted me and encouraged for my social initiatives and promised to extend support from his side. He used to visit our centers without intimating first. Once we are teaching children in the open field. He suddenly came and appreciated the work. But at the same time he also expressed his concern that how we would teach them during rainy season. Then we mentioned that we were using classrooms also for teaching children.

One day he offered me to select some students and got them admitted in Public schools. It was very initial days and I was apprehensive that these children might not cope with the syllabus and culture of public schools. So, I didn’t go ahead. When two-three years passed, then some students started expressing their desire to read in public schools. Some good students also started weeping. We ensured them, that we provide them better education than they would get there. But they started feeling wretchedness. That pinched me and I thought to meet ED sir remembering his promises.

At the same time, we were looking for some senior officials to become President of Navodaya Mission. It is policy of Navodaya Mission, that everyone has to spend some time on ground to be part of its main team and in general higher ups used to join organizations for participating in programs as dignitaries. Somehow I came in touch with Sh. Hare Ram Singh, AGM (Operation) and seeing his inclination towards social work and also his association with social activities at Dadri, I requested him to become President of Navodaya Mission, Rihand. With happiness and plans for social work, he accepted to lead us. In the very first meeting he asked me to raise funds, so that some bright students might be admitted in public schools. I have put check on myself for asking donations for three years at that time and I used to spend my own money whenever any thing required. So, instead of asking for donations, I just requested him to meet Sh. Puppula Ramesh, HOP (Rihand) and give our proposals citing that he himself had promised for the same earlier. He immediately accepted my proposal and agreed to meet ED sir.

I have one apprehension, as ED sir had already taken VRS and he was about to leave the the company within four days. For giving a try, I wrote an application immediately and asked Hare Ram sir to go to meet ED sir. After getting relieved from his duty, he came to HOP office in the late evening and after taking permission he entered in the office. I just waited outside as the meeting was not fixed prior. After a few minutes he came out with excitement and told me that ED sir was quite happy and he immediately gave response citing the proposal was the echo of his own heart. He suggested to add more children and give the application as soon as possible. Next day, early in the morning I met children and added some more names in the list and gave that to Hare Ram Sir.

ED sir called an emergency meeting of concerned heads of departments and got the application processed immediately and within two days, we got approval copy for admission in our hand.

Sh. Puppula Ramesh, ED (Rihand) supported Navodaya Mission since its beginning and helped in continuing its activities. His wife and President of Vertika Mahila Mandal, Mrs Usha Ramesh was too kind and sober and geared up activities of Navodaya Mission, Sewa Kunj Ashram and other NGOs in the surrounding areas. That was the days when Mahila Mandal was devoid of kitty party and known for social and constructive activities.

The story of implementation of the order for admission was also full of struggle and learning and that required separate writings, as Ramesh Sir had already left the company and hence we never called him for the difficulties we were facing. Anyway, we were able to get the blessings of concerned authorities and all students started studying in public schools with good spirit.

@ Gandhi Dham
Sh. Hare Ram Sir at Navodaya Shakha (Sound Mind in Sound Body)
Navodaya Mission Rural Talent Search Examination, 2016
Sh Hare Ram Sir @ Subhash Jayanti

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