Prayas and UPAY

Nam Banto- Kam Banto!

Only a few people know that I was considered as founding member of UPAY. I was one of the core director of UPAY and also Varanasi Zonal head. I was also center head of UPAY Rihand. I have great respect for Varun and I still remember that he called me and proudly shared that he has started one evening classes center at Mauda. Later he also suggested me to associated. Meanwhile he kept doing many experiments which I can’t share. On my part, I said for the benefit of society, you can show work of Prayas Team at Rihand as work of UPAY. Since beginning he came in limelight. He was awarded with Manviyata award. He got place in FM radio and filled with local and national newspapers.

One day one of my colleague and volunteer asked that I was doing good job, still no paper coverage. I just smiled and told matter comes in paper or not, matter will remain matter. When he came Rihand, I organized a rally for giving due respect to him. A social worker should give respect to fellow social workers. Along with that I arranged children to interact and motivate. At that time he expressed that he also took inspiration from Shanta Kumar.

He kept imploring me for opening a bank account on the name of UPAY. All members of UPAY were giving due respect to me. I was unaware about nitty-gritty of NGOs. But still one thing might pinch of us. He will share story since 2010 and I will share story since 2009. Further, I realized that he will remain always chairman of UPAY. So I told him, you may please consider my work as your own for expanding its activities. When he suggested to use banner of UPAY for our activities at Sewa Kunj Ashram, I denied because that was divine work and we are just supposed to work with full devotion with expecting anything and told activities of UPAY may never be above Sewa Samarpan Sansthan.

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