Corona Holocaust: Last five days!

Last five days!


    Ups and downs in mental ocean occur in last five days. Sitting idle in the control room seems very painful. I wished to spend time with workers to execute some good things for them. Then I also gave strong statement in EAVO-2 group dominated by Umang and also in NEAV-1. I also shared the discussions with higher authorities. In between Umang also planned for upcoming educational activities. I listened him patiently and obeyed him. This time I would have to make plans for the same as he earlier made excuses to initiate this activities this year. Meanwhile I also got cold and took and decided not to go for duty. As mind was heavy, I started worshipping Shiva daily and simultaneously I also read Geeta. Yoga and reading versus of Geeta gives strength to become ready for the battle and take thing easy.

             Reading Geeta and doing Yoga acted as motor to channelize energy in positive direction. Leaders have to remain active in times of crisis. Everything is pre-planned by the almighty and hence there is nothing to fear and just to act. As I had not much faithful and follower types volunteers at Vindhyanagar unlike I used to have at Rihand or earlier at Shakti Nagar, I thought to make calls to our children. I have kept biodata of our students of Navodaya Mission as much as possible in my collection. Meanwhile Dr. Richa Smriti also motivated me to do something and gave me idea to make calls to students and understand their problems.

           Then I called students of Vindhyanagar and found family of students in distress and transferred Rs 1000 to his account. Then I shared my ideas at the Navodaya Mission whatsapp platforms. At Rihand, Mukesh immediately responded and expressed readiness in helping people nearby Rihand. Then Yogendra also spread messages through whatsapp for extending help designating himself as Mahasachiv, Navodaya Mission Rihand.

            The next day I again called 20 students of Vindhyanagar and the same number at Rihand. I was not mentioning my name. I was just calling people as calling from Navodaya Mission. I got great applause and thanks from parents of students and they also shared current status of their children. Bobby, Poonam and their brother did ITI from Naktu and currently they are doing apprenticeship at Delhi, Anpara Thermal Power plant respectively.

            As I found a needy person and shared the same to Rihand team, Mr. Mukesh our one of the oldest associate of Navodaya Mission took prompt action under the leadership of Yogendra Kumar and arranged grains and other items for needy family. They have taken target of helping 50 families for the time being.

           Meanwhile I got information about giving food for workers who gathered at Talegaun in fourty numbers. Dr. Richa seemed tired, then I suggested to wait as there are many groups active at Vindhyanagar and we have already seen Dr. Deka has shared the same in various groups. They arranged food within two hours and hence they supplied the same.

          We have desire, but no protective system and vehicle to move out. But fortunately there are many who are devoting their life for social cause. Team Upay under leadership of Varun Srivastava are distributing food among migrant workers at Delhi and I feel proud that I have also been its founding member. I remember when Varun told children at Rihand when he visited Rihand I arranged congregation of children to welcome him that he took inspiration from Shanta Kumar. Yes during my training days he used to participate in my activities and when he started center at Mauda, he called me and proudly said me that he had started an education center. Later he became a center of name and fame. Today I am no where towards his organizational skill, but feel pride.

                Anandji, care taker of Sewa Kunj Ashram with whom I had spent my precious youth life is busy with providing relief work to migrant workers and testing them in Babhani block, Chhattisgarh border.       

Today I also called Vikas, who left NTPC and joined IIT Delhi just to start his spiritual and saintly life. These days he is in Jaipur. But he didn’t received my call.

Meanwhile I also started talking local NGOs/Administration for identifying needy people and extending help. I also started campaigning for raising funds. At the same time Umang, who left Vindhyachal main Navodaya Mission whatsapp group because of conflict of ideas, he is still in our Navodaya Mission Rihand group, called me for extending some help nearby Vindhyachal as Rihand people were doing. He also told that his relatives are doing the same back at their home. I supported him and asked for raising funds, the rest I will deal. At the last moment, he was unsure that fund would be raised or not. I told him there is no dearth of money. (I knew Navodaya Mission has enough back up and whenever required I had spent lots of money on my own for social cause) But at the same time I also knew that people would come forward to help, as earlier so money people took membership of Navodaya Mission when I was not knowing much people here. This would help him raising confidence to lead social activities. Anyway I told I will bear all the shortfall, so there is nothing to worry.

Meanwhile excess fund was raised. We spent just 28,000/- approx and fund was raised about Rs 60,000/-.

I was planning for video classes for last years only. Along with I have plan to start classes in more effective way. When I called Umang, he declined for starting classes citing his inability to continue from his last year experiences. Then we have interaction at operation engineer platform and suddenly he called me and shared his plan and requested me to take things in strong way. Like last year he again proposed that he would conduct test in nearby schools and will select proper classes. Meanwhile I was influencing people including Pushpak to develop video lectures and put that on websites. I had already chalked out plan for physics classes. I already recorded two-three videos and shared on youtube. Then he added me in Udaan group and planned to start online classes. Meanwhile I discussed with stakeholders of Navodaya Mission and they all seemed good minded people. They all agreed that Umang is highly energetic guy and if he was able to take things ahead that would be in the interest of society. Navodaya Mission has already big platform and hence it will go ahead its own agenda. Like earlier experiences, if Umang will leave the platform, we should take up this and lead ahead with Navodaya Mission. As I have already vision of enabling highly energetic students to form NGOs, I also agreed to move ahead. Mentally I was ready to teach only, because personally I have no desire to go in society with new names. So I keep working on my platform. When they asked me to develop question papers and I also did the same and shared with him. Then he appreciated and asked me to write it in fare way and send. I lacked time and so unable to do the same. Meanwhile they have added Yogendra as Umang is still in Navodaya Mission Rihand group and with support system of Navodaya Mission, they can’t spread the message, I knew. So I discussed with Yogendra, how to deal that issue because new name will raise confusion among members and rural team. Then he discussed with Umang where he declared that this is just a group of like minded people and not an NGOs. Yogendra put the message in Navodaya Mission groups as Udaan Project without mentioning exclusively to Umang, rather engineers of NTPC Rihand and Vindhyachal. He was tactful to take things ahead with causing any conflict and that is the beauty of Navodaya Mission Members/Leaders/Office Holders.

Umang today again attacked NGOs and I suggested not to bring unnecessary, debatable things in the group and rather discuss about our programs. Then he suddenly blamed me for corruption with Navodaya Mission. I again suggested him that it was not your business. Then he removed me from group. At one hand he is telling Udaan is group of like minded people and there is no leader. Is he taken any conscious among the group members before removing me? At one hand I thought to remove him from Navodaya Mission Rihand group and then suddenly I thought what would remain difference between me and him? And I restrained myself. I deleted message as if Richa would have read that message, it would close any place of conciliation between us in future.

Instead of asking money on individual account, it is better to raise funds on organizational account. Organization always give space to new people. If I would have not built an NGOs, things at Rihand would have ended with me. Today UPAY team is much ahead than Navodaya Mission, because he always maintained professionalism and not let any voice of dissent prop up. Unlike Navodaya Mission, UPAY is being represented by one person at major forums, yet people are dedicated.


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