Ethos of Navodaya Mission

What is Navodaya Mission? It is not just an organization. Service came first, organization followed much later. Navodaya Mission is an ethos, an ethos of service, service to mankind, service to nature. When you are coming here and teaching children (underprivileged or not so underprivileged without any discrimination), executing activities for their personality development, you are worshipping Shiva. Navodaya Mission is a temple of Shiva, where you are coming to achieve the eternity by teaching children. It has ethos of Teach Me, means you are not only teaching, but also learning at the same time. Teach children with great mission of spreading the ethos of helping each other, strengthening values, moral values in the society.

Commit yourself. Commit that you will teach children at least for three hours a week. Commit yourself you will train children for yoga, physical exercises for at least one hour a week and remain committed for that. It is possible children might not turn up regularly. It is possible your colleagues would not be regular. But you just think you are on your own mission of evolving yourself. You are worshipping your own Shiva. Eventually, you will find the desire goal will be achieved. This way you will also strengthen the ethos of Navodaya Mission, you will strengthen this platform which facilitate more people to come for sadhana which will go life long. Let the mission go on with this spirit.

                                                                                                            (Navodaya Mission)          

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