There was a backward village in Bihar state. The village was divided into two parts, one part has nice pucca macans having relics of Zamindari. The other part looks very backward with Kachcha Makans. People of this part was mostly artisan and labour class or better say castes. Yet there was a man who was literate and have officer look and built a pucca makan. With no standard, it was a royal makan, yet it has palacial feeling due to presence of huts in its surroundings as long as one can see.   

         Overall children of this locality seldom cared for their deprivation of basic things and made the locality a live and vibrant place by their innocent games and enjoyment. Amid this conditions three cousins were also growing together. Sam belong to that so called palace. Atm was his near cousin and living in his old home made of tat-patti of bamboo trees with mud cover. Lal was his next cousin who lived in a home made of bricks but covered with mud on the other side of the pucca road passing through their village. Lal feels deprived sometimes, but he realizes his limitation and wanted to imitate Sam for his devotion for study. On the other side Atm, though felt deprivation yet he never grasp the reality and lived like other children of village but with a little facility. Like his mother, he thought his uncle very rich with lots of money and expected he would make their homes. Sam was though living in relatively rich environment, he was also feeling an unknown lacking inside. Unlike his brother, he had realization of limitation of his parents, yet he dreamed of taking care of all livings in his surrounding and wanted to uplift them. Sam was six months older than Atm and Atm was six months older than Lal.

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