Result: Debate on the occasion of Vivekanand Jayanti

Result of Debate

NameJudge 1Judge 2Judge 3AverageRankSelected 
Priyanshu Tiwari15262321.331Final Round
Abhishek Soni15252120.332Final Round
Amit Dubey10252018.333Final Round
Kinjal Shukla10212217.67consolationFinal Round
Noori Saba10221816.67consolationFinal Round
Suman Kushwaha10182016.000 
Ankit Kesari10221515.670 
Pawan Saha5221915.330 
Himanshu Pandey10201515.000 
Khushi Dwivedi10151714.000 

Navodaya Mission celebrated Vivekanand Jayanti. Sh. Aloke Saxena, AGM (MMG) came as chief guest in the program. His wife Smt. Anju Saxena also accompanied him. Moreover, Dr. Rashmi Vinod participated in the event. Besides volunteers and participants were present. SH. Vijay Tiwari, science teacher of SSM arranged everything including hospitality during the program. It was a great event. First time volunteers were given platform to share their ideas. They all were eager to continue such programs for overall growth of children. The lecture on Vivekanand by Kishore was very enlightening.  Sh. Aloke Saxena sir appreciated the program.

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