Honour to be Judge @DPS Vindhyanagar


PhD Coverage in Sahara

When she joined Navodaya Mission, she gave the idea to provide good clothes to children after seeing them poor clothing. I have already good relation with Mahila Mandal and I used to take support from them, but I suggested her to raise funds herself and she developed relationship. Mrs. Usha Ramesh, President Vertika Mahila Mandal encouraged her and supported her also.

English Spoken Classes at EDC Rihand_ Ruksana Bano delivered lecture in English on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti at Kalyan Kendra

Nukkad Natak for Rural Children: Wrote script of Nukkad Natak for rural children and directed and trained them to perform

Remedial Classes for GEM children and made them feel homely

She has published journals on behalf of Navodaya Mission. 1. doi: 10.33329/ijelr.7.3.261 2. 3. http://www.ijrar.org/IJRAR19S1676.pdf  4. https://arsartium.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/15.-Paper-Richa-Smriti-Aroonima-Sinha.pdf 5.

Founder of Navodaya Mission.

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  1. […] She is writer and poet and also social activist. She did her PhD in English Literature from LNMU Darbhanga on the topic Social Realism in the Representative Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant. Her writings and poetry books like “She” and “Men’s Land” portrays the pain and agonies of women and workers and ends with hope for better world for them. Moreover, she also writes articles in various international journals. She is one of the pillars of Navodaya Mission and gave its name and ensured its registration so that our social activities is carried on in more organized way. She gave the name of our organization. (https://navodayamission744636815.wordpress.com/2019/11/25/honor-to-be-judge-dps-vindhyanagar/) […]


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