Prabhat Ranjan… Going Green

Prabhat.. a true social leader in making.

By his passion and love for tree motivated hundreds of his friends at NTPC Talchar Kaniha and devoted time on regular basis for past two three years and planted more than 10000 saplings in his surroundings. He loves each and every tree he had planted and shares his love and affection for tree like his own child.
Love for trees has also given him way for running classes for poor kids. He basically belong to Islampur, a village of Nalanda District of Bihar.
A silent social worker is also a soldier in making for handling and giving leadership during crisis. It is his devotion and work that helped in raising Ten Lakh rupees for relief work during disaster due to cyclone in Udisha in a day.
In this mission, his wife who is alumni from IIT Khadagpur and assistant professor at NIT Bhopal also assists and inspires him to continue his noble work.
He has childlike innocence. At kasturba balika vidyalaya, Ramagundam he became emotional to see the performance of poor kids and donated Rs 5000 immediately.
At EVOICE workshop he reminded me that I used to visit him at Shakti Nagar and motivated to teach poor kids. He further reminded me that I stayed in his room. He proudly shared that he taught children of Navodaya Mission, Shakti Nagar (Prayas) for six months before he was transferred to Talchar Kaniha.

“The man who can bring clouds and inspires millions.”- one of his friends shared this.

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