Modest behaviour in organizational set up and leadership

Election for validation of association is necessary or not?

Who is empowered to give a call for meetings, GBM and other important affairs?

Those who are raising voice should become aware about these facts. Executive members and especially general secretary is the most powerful for any society, association etc. Only he is eligible to take day to day decisions. Other members are free to be member or not to be members. If rules are not followed, then government registration office has power to ban the organization. Again no one can raise voice against his discretion expect departmental accountability.

Which association will represent and which not is the discretion of management. One may claim and pressurize management to take proper course. Again that depends upon how you are negotiating. These all are just power games.

Instead of arguing and demanding election always is not proper. One has to bear the consequences. Those who are supporting full heartedly for such persons may leave the group immediately and if desire for change incessant, they should start a new forum and raise their voice at different occasion. Yes one always be ready for facing consequences.

Even individual can bring change by raising his voice. There is a way for communication and gradually bringing higher authority in loop. Certainly someday his voice will be heard and change will come. Yes weak management may take coercive action. Strong management will take this as a challenge and will take proper solution and will maintain communication giving full respect to his employees.

Association is not there just to stitch. They are supposed to push the horizon. If it is felt that it is required, but those groups are not entitled then they should advocate for policy change which are very possible at management level.

I have been running an organization for past many years. In this path of service, many have devotedly supported me. But now youngsters have started arguing with me and sometimes decline completely to accept my proposal. This is really a great thing. New generation should have uncontrollable fire in his heart.  This is the way of development of leaders.



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