The Best Fruits Reaped Through Perseverance


23 April 2019, the date of offer letter for Ultratechies- Diploma Engineer Trainee presented to Miss Manisha Kumari D/o Umesh Gupta, a past student of Navodaya Mission, Rihand  has given a taste of achievement for Navodaya Mission. The numbers have two significances for our mission.

Year 2009, when some steps moved to Shivaji Nagar, a labourer colony near Training Center, NTPC Singrauli with a zeal to bring quality education at the doorstep of underprivileged children. 2019 signifies that it took one decade of PRAYAS (earlier name of Navodaya Mission) to see the outcomes we had dreamt.

23 April has further significance, as Navodaya Mission got official recognition, thanks to Manager (CSR), Rihand who suggested to register the body so that CSR may extend helping hand to Mission’s cause. 23 January (Subhash Jayanti) is our annual day while our mission got registered on 23 April.

Consistent effort of Raghvendra has made it possible. That was also the year when many girls went to Robertsganj to appear in the exam and that was really a sleepless night, I was taking minute to minute information about their journey to reach examination centers and return back home safely.

This all made possible because of hundreds of engineers volunteering for this cause and we wish more Indras will get associated with our trio, Jitendra, Raghvendra and Yogendra. This is also a great moment for EDC Rihand for facilitating these programs at its own premises.

We would like to share about our friends who took first step for this cause. Special Mention to Ashish Kumar (ET-09 and alumni of NIT Jalandhar & FMS) who played great role in taking first step towards this mission.


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