Brahmo Samaj of India – Keshab Chandra Sen

Tenets of the Brahmo Samaj of India at this time were the following:

(1) The wide universe is the temple of God.

(2) Wisdom is the pure land of pilgrimage.

(3) Truth is the everlasting scripture.

(4) Faith is the root of all religions.

(5) Love is the true spiritual culture.

(6) The destruction of selfishness is the true asceticism.

Some Facts:

Irked by the crowds who went to listen to Keshav Chandra Sen’s lectures in London in 1870, Punch published two lines in derision.

“Who in this world of living men

Is Mr Keshub Chander Sen?”

It seems that in India today we need to ask the same question because he and his vigorous work for social reform in almost all its aspects, such as women’s rights, abolition of untouchability, modern education, inter-religious conciliation, which engaged him from almost 1858 to his death in 1884, stand almost forgotten when great names in the sphere of social reform are invoked today. Despite Keshav Chandra Sen’s increasing mysticism of later years, it is best to remember the tribute paid to him by Bipin Chandra Pal, which is also relevant to our purpose: “The Brahmo Samaj, under Keshab Chandra Sen had proclaimed a new gospel of personal freedom and social equality, which reacted very powerfully upon the infant national consciousness and the new political life and aspiration of Young Bengal.

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