Support underprivileged children by Offering Books

Education is a tool which can terminate all the boundaries, the boundary of poverty, the boundary of illiteracy, caste, creed and capitalist. The discrimination of literate and illiterate can easily be distinguished in our society. And it is our duty but by dint of awareness, by dint of value, by dint of importance, they are still lacking and moving in the darkness. But there are always torch bearers, who focus, who give rays of hope. Navodaya Mission is such an organization which articulates and brings awareness in such a poverty stricken and remote area. Such among them are Sonebhadra and Singrauli districts. In the midst of forest, numerous tribes are living. Among them, mostly are labourers. In these districts, there are many poor migrant workers from Bihar/Madhya Pradesh and other parts of Uttar Pradesh. In such circumstances, they are unable to give basic needs which their children require. Navodaya Mission has been helping them by giving free classes and prepares them for cracking examinations such as Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Examinations, Polytechnic Examinations, engineering entrance examinations etc.

For the pursuit of spreading of education, you can also help these needy children. For such a good cause, you can contribute by giving books for preparing above examinations. These books are not only books, but for them their fate, their future, which can brighten by you also.

You may send books at following addresses:

  1. Shanta Kumar, NH2/C3, Vindhya Nagar, Waidhan, Singrauli, MP -486885, Mob. No. 8005442097
  2. Yogendra Kumar, C113/NH2, NTPC Colony, Rihand Nagar, Bijpur, Sonebhadra, UP -231223
  3. Navodaya Mission Pustakalaya, C/O Abhimanyu Jaysawal, Vill- Sirsoti, PO- Bijpur, Sonebhadra, UP-231223 Mob. 9451535357

You may use link (you may find better source yourself also):

For MP.

For UP

Note: You may send other books including old ones also to enrich our libraries.

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