Wishing Happy Diwali !

diwali Nemna

Diwali which we all know that symbolises victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, the word which in real sense means eradication of darkness. But in this modern era, we are still surrounded by numerous darkness such as:

Darkness of poverty,

Darkness of illiteracy,

Darkness of Pollution,

Darkness of Discrimination,

And above all Darkness of Ignorance.

In real sense, we celebrate Diwali, when we conquer above all things. We should eradicate poverty, illiteracy, pollution and discrimination. Our Navodaya Mission, which has been lighting the lamp of visibility in the area of darkness, on the eve of diwali, takes a vow, that we tend to grow more and more vision for those who are still living in the realm of darkness.

Wishing you all Happy Dipawali.

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