Executive Trainees (ET-11) donated Solar Lamps

Contribution of ET-11 batch is commendable in extending social cause for underprivileged children. They have done wonderful job to regularize evening classes in EDC under the guidance, encouragement and support of Shree B L Swamy, DGM (EDC). The trend which was initiated at NTPC Shakti Nagar, got momentum here at NTPC Rihand Nagar because of active participation of this batch.

While doing commendable work here in EDC premises for neighbouring underprivileged children, they also frequently visited Sewa Kunj Ashram, Karidar, Chapaki, thirty Km away from Rihand Nagar where tribal children from different parts of Sonebhadra district were taken care of. They not only taught children there but also enjoyed with them by playing, listening music etc.

Sensing the difficulty students are facing at the Ashram because of non-availability of electrical supply, they contributed some solar lamps to reduce the problem of light to some extent. This is nice trend which would inspire all the batch who will come for training in future.

Whoever went Ashram felt the warmth of service, got emotionally attached to the children. One of them expressed his feeling by these words, “Sir, we really enjoyed and felt the happiness which comes by offering things.”

People are coming and going, but the idea that they would depart from this place forever really pinches all of us. They were the founding rocks of Navodaya Mission.

(April 23, 2012)

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