Raja Ram Mohan Roy


Father of Indian renaissance

Bridge between past and future

Father of Modern India

22 May 1772 is the birthday of who was the pioneer of reforming Indian society for empowering women and untouchables. End of Sati Pratha, the most heinous attrocities inflicted upon women sanctioned because  wrong interpretation of scriptures by orthodox element of society.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was working in East India Company as translator. This has brought him in contact with English people, missionaries and their ideas and that way also in contact with Christianity. He had inquisitive mind and like all original philosopher he tasted the tenets of Hinduism and Christianity by living himself. Such practices helped in developing his own strong and evolved views which helped in reforming Hinduism and assimilation of learning from Christianity in Hinduism. He founded Atmiya Sabha (1815), Brahmo Sabha (1828) and then Brahmo Samaj (1830). He vehemently opposed statue worship and advocated for empowering women and removal of untouchability. This way he became the torch bearer of Indian renaissance.

Brahmo Samaj is community of men who worship Brahmin, the highest reality. It doesn’t differentiate between caste, creed and religion.

  • Brahmo Samajist has no faith in any scriptures as an authority
  • They have no faith in Avatars
  • They denounce polytheism and idol-worship
  • They are against caste restrictions
  • They make faith in doctrine of Karma and rebirth as optional

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