Fetch a bucket water for your Mam

When I joined Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Darbhanga, it seemed paradise for me. Gardens with beautiful flowers, nice teachers and students in uniforms were amusing for me.  The most important things which I always dreamt to have access and that was a Library with innumerable books decorated in many book-selves. When I was child, I used to eagerly await coming of my father on every Saturday hoping he might bring some story books to read. Whenever I saw my father stepping down from bus with some books in his hand, I rushed hastily to take over books from his hand and started reading. As I was bibliophile since childhood, after receiving books I was oblivion of that he had also brought some sweets or eatables. 

I along with a group of students were made to visit Library. There, library madam interacted with us and encouraged to use library for reading books of wide variety. Next day, when we were crossing classroom just adjacent to library for our hostels, she called two of us. She asked us to fetch a bucket water. The handpump was on the other side of the classroom in front of boys hostel. We happily brought water and felt a sense of pride as we got opportunity to serve our madam. Bringing water for our teachers were not a new things. Whenever the handpump of our earlier school campus was inoperative, we used to bring water from the campus of Khadi Bhandar which was 500m away in front of my school. Hence, to serve  our guru is in my core of heart which was already deepened by stories told by my teachers in Rajkiya Buniyadi Vidyalaya, Doghra.

We found that she was requesting boys in turn to bring water and all were happy to fetch water for her earlier. Later, she started requesting only a few of us twice or thrice in a week and after some months she started telling me everyday. This went in the same way for two years. One day, one of my senior bhaiya (it was tradition to call Bhaiya to senior students) mocked at me for my dumbness for being caught everyday for bringing water. One day, he motivated me to such an extant that I simply ignored the call of Library Maam. I felt unusual for the time being. Then I found her bringing her clothes to the handpump and cleaning. I felt ashamed for not helping her. I just realized that everyone might started ignoring her and so she relied upon me. Afterwards, I promptly fetched water and remained happy always.

She was just like my mother and serving her just gave me satisfaction I am serving my own mother.

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