Autocracy in office may enhance anti-national activities

How character of a person defined? How should judge a person?

In bureaucracy, officials misuses power and acts arbitrarily. If they desire to execute some programs, no law, policy comes in picture. Recently AGM (HR) said big “NO” for considering admission of poor students mostly children of labourers (mostly contract workers having livelihood due to the organization only). Firstly he questioned their talent and argued that because of their poor background they may dilute standard of schools and in turn unions/associations of permanent employees would raise question on this decision. Getting turned down because of these arguments he came up with idea that there is no policy for intake of such students. Ideally he is not against their admission, but there should be no involvement of HR section.

Being a PSU and hence state constitutionally, it should have helped in the implementation of RTE in these schools. It becomes more essential as these schools are greatly funded by this PSU. At first he ought rightly denied the implementation of RTE in these schools on ground of being privately managed. Later he told it was the affair of schools and they would manage. How a PSU can fund a school which are violating  Indian Laws.

Recently the Principal told that he is principally agreeing to fund for implementing RTE in school.

People are really shortsighted. In the resource crunch country, how a person can overlook the wastage of resources specially denying education.

What a irony! Schools meant for employees are heavily funded. Further coaching centers are facilitated by heavily subsidizing for their children. But children of contract workers of the same organization are being denied education by officials on the name of policy of organization.

There are other individuals who are facilitating good work and enhances the image of the Organization of people.

Such type of act which tarnishing images a PSU should be taken as anti-national activities as anti-social groups gets excuses for inciting local poor youth first against the organization and then against the idea of “Bharat” only.

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