Navodaya Guru

Navodaya Guru – Avnish
Navodaya Guru – Abhimanyu from Sirsoti


Navodaya Guru acts like a coach, trainer, mentor, teacher, friend and Guru. Navodaya Guru guides people to achieve excellence to succeed both in mundane as well as in spiritual world.
Children of government schools and medium range public schools specially in rural areas come from economically, socially and educationally poor background. Most of them belong to lower class and first generation coming for school. Many of them have never got chance to see or meet engineers, doctors, high professionals etc. Most of them are completely unaware about the utility of education in their life and they are merely coming school either for mid-day meal or escaping work at home. They lack basic awareness about to whom they should approach for the solution of problems they are facing on daily basis. They are least aware about government social schemes and lack proper way to get the benefit of these schemes. Secondly they also lack culture at home for living a happy life. They have never heard about the work spirituality and its real nature. Hence they are made to sink in darkness by fake religious leaders.


Professionals, knowledgeable persons, thoughtful farmers, workers and labourers, motivated teachers, motivated government officers and enlightened personalities could play the role of Navodaya Guru. They should visit schools, interact with teachers, students and others and charge them with positive thoughts. Deliver lecture of short duration on the topic of his interest and make teachers or respected villagers put their views and make students to ask questions for clarification. Be approachable to all the children equally. Whatever reaction may come, Navodaya Guru should not break his calmness and keep discharging positive energy filling all with hopes. He should talk for moving towards making equal society and for that accept positive discrimination in good faith for well-being of overall society. He should empathize with the pain through which people are going and without disturbing his own inner peace he should disseminate the idea that hard work with positive thought will cure all the problems.

Navodaya Guru is also a concept to get connected with people in their neighbourhood. He should also visit schools whenever he is going to his native place and develop cordial relation with teachers. He should also motivate others to do the same and help them evolve Navodaya Guru within them.

Navodaya Guru should make children recite Navodaya Geet and motivate them to become Navodayans, dutyful, sensitive to social problems and ready to help others.


The activity of Navodaya Guru took germination in year 2007, when we as a team of IITians conducted career guidance workshop at JNV Darbhanga followed by in JNV Katihar, JNV Jaipur etc. In this way more than 10000 students across the country have benefited from our programs. Many students became aware about future prospects other than engineering and medicals and become able to get admission in colleges like JNU, TISS etc and became successful in their life.

Now it is being done in more constructive way. This has not remained a mere career guidance program and includes villagers, professionals etc also for consultation. Many alumni of IIT, IIMs, social workers, teachers, motivated youth, retired army men etc are playing the role of Navodaya Guru in the society.

List of Navodaya Guru

Sl. No. Name Profile
1. Major Passi Retired Army
2. Shanta Kumar IITIAN/SOCIAL Worker
3. Yogendra Kumar IITIAN/SOCIAL Worker
4. Avnish Kumar IITIAN/SOCIAL Worker
5. Dr. Ganesh Professor (MBA)
6. Nishtha Jain IIM Kozhikode
7. Ashish Kumar FMS Delhi
8. Dheeraj Pal IIM Bangalore
9. Siddharth Bhaskar IIM Ahmedabad
10. Abhimanyu Jaysawal Enthusiastic Youth
11. Sanjay Paswan JNU

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